Ben Gold - The City Sleeps Tonight (Official Music Video) 2019
06.09.2019, 17:14

Priming fans around the world for the release of his ‘Sound Advice: Chapter Two’ album, Ben Gold’s ‘The City Sleeps Tonight’ takes its rightful place as an instant classic.

Laced with driving energy thanks to the rushing synth arpeggios that anchor the vocal line, this signature Ben Gold production offers a nod to the more classic style of euphoric Trance before roaring back to life with a huge hands-in-the-air drop. That’s music production at its finest in our book.
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Credits: Directed, shot, & edited by Rowan While @rowanwhile / 2nd Camera - Cameron Ward @camwardfilm Featuring Olivia Harriet @samsaraandthewolf Hyperlapses by Tom Chambers @tcshootme / Connect with Armada Music


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